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"I'm a sex know-it-all, no more.

When my wife first told me about OMGYES, “a video website divulging newly discovered patterns in women's pleasure from research with 20,000 women, ages 18-95, spearheaded by Indiana University and Yale researchers.” I took it at first like a critique of my prowess.

Then I saw the stats that, to protect fragile sexual egos like mine, women often decide to just not be open about what they want. And how that hurts not just sex lives, but also intimacy & relationship happiness.

The good news: it's totally changeable.

First, see through the high-school locker-room BS pressure for guys to be 'the man who already knows it all.'

Second: Show her that her feedback is now 100% welcome - that you're curious and want to learn more and more about her.

We've found OMGYES valuable as a treasure-map of all the things to explore to see what else is out there she might or might not like. Highly recommend it."