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"With sex stuff, the truth is my guy and I never IRL tried a single thing suggested in a social post or article or book.

I think because OMGYES is based in legit research, that made me confident showing the site to my guy, and it made him confident actually trying the things.

Each technique on the site is something a big percentage of women swear by.

And it’s honest - instead of promising everything’s going to be amazing, it sets expectations like, ‘you may be in the 40% who don’t like this!’ That takes all the pressure off.

One review called OMGYES 'a treasure map couples can explore forever.’ I agree with that. It’s a map so we can go with confidence on the paths that worked for tens of thousands of other people.

I'd say to other women - it really is an incredible feeling to recognize the things you like but have never put into words - and to realize, ‘I’m not alone! Most women like the same thing!’

Guys/partners, I think get it and treat the sections like a super-honest window into things we feel but don’t say - not to keep secrets from you, But because there weren’t even words for these little preferences and kinds of touch before this research."