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What people are getting from it

It gave us shared words

It gave us shared words

“It’s so simple but having these shared words for what we each like makes us more confident asking for things.” - Valeria & Marlo

We try a new technique a week

We try a new technique a week

“We learn the techniques separately and try a different one each time. Some work, others don’t - but it’s intimate & fun.” - Aurora & Dave

It gave us the tools to talk about it

It gave us the tools to talk about it

“OMGYES is not just the techniques - it’s how to bring them up, first try them and adjust them.” - Dylan & Amy

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“The best gift you could ever give yourself”

“Remarkable and useful... marvelously in-depth”

“Honest and accurate”

“Both of you will reap the benefits.”

“Women of all ages cheerfully share what feels good”

“Like a position book from the future”

“drawn from women’s collective experience”

“Warm, wise, tasteful and fun.”

“There’s no judgement or shame”

”The next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution.”

“Fantastically refreshing.”

“Tastefully designed and well-produced.”

Even Emma Watson gave OMGYES a shoutout!

“I wish it would have been around sooner. Definitely check it out”

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OMGYES is on a mission to break taboos and make understanding female pleasure open and honest

Lasting benefits

Lasting Benefits

OMGYES users have better sex
and happier relationships

as shown in a 2021 Indiana University School of Medicine study

  • 95% experienced new kinds of pleasure

  • 89% experienced more pleasurable sex

  • 81% discovered new ways to tell their partner what they like

Indiana University School of Medicine study of 807 couples, comparing before & 1-month after using OMGYES.

Published in Journal of Sex Research, June 2021. Read the paper here.

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